Carl Golden, MS, MA, LMHC


I am a naturalist, psychotherapist, ecotherapist, life coach and teacher who believes that health is the result of aligning body, soul, mind, vocation and home environment with principles of truth, beauty and goodness.

As a therapist, I work holistically with my clients to facilitate healing and recovery. I offer wilderness-based vision quests to aid this end, as well. 

As a life coach, I help people live fuller lives by working with them to identify life purpose, dreams and/or meaningful goals, and then aid them in developing the talents and tools needed to realize one's objectives. 

As a teacher, I believe that education ought to instruct the heart and soul as well as the body and mind.

I believe that a holistic, purpose-inspired life that honors heart and soul is truly the way to happiness, fulfillment and wisdom.

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